I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to expect at the rodeo as I am not familiar with the individual events. I quickly became very interested in the strength of the riders and the animals. I also wasn’t aware while I was shooting of the animals expressions and musculature. The images were quite fun to process. Although most of the rides were extremely quick, a lot happened in those few seconds.

For instance:

The mutton busters. Adorable. Little kids (boys and girls) are put on the sheep and try to ride them.  The first little guy at least got out of the gate a few feet before the sheep went down.

This is a long post. Give it a few minutes to load so you won’t have to sit and wait. I’m showing a few sequences of the rides.


This sweet girl was tough! She held on for dear life!

20160828_pecos_rodeo_125-2 20160828_pecos_rodeo_128-3

But, went down a few seconds later. I bet her parents were cringing.


This little guy was so bummed. But, tough.


Watch this sequence, the expressions on the calf and the boy and how this one ends.

20160828_pecos_rodeo_152-6 20160828_pecos_rodeo_154-7 20160828_pecos_rodeo_155-8 20160828_pecos_rodeo_157-9 20160828_pecos_rodeo_158-10 20160828_pecos_rodeo_159-11

I’m pretty sure this calf (cow?) is pretty happy with himself.


This one was a struggle from the get-go.

20160828_pecos_rodeo_210-13 20160828_pecos_rodeo_212-14

The audience was fun to watch. Lots of gasping, holding breath and praying. Why did I want to be there?


This face is why! Adorable.


Another attempt.

20160828_pecos_rodeo_270-17 20160828_pecos_rodeo_272-18 20160828_pecos_rodeo_274-19 20160828_pecos_rodeo_276-20

These two were so strong! Fighters!

20160828_pecos_rodeo_292-21 20160828_pecos_rodeo_296-22 20160828_pecos_rodeo_297-23 20160828_pecos_rodeo_300-24

I love this shot. He’s just fallen off and the horse framed him.

20160828_pecos_rodeo_301-25 20160828_pecos_rodeo_312-26

This was a fight from the start. I’m amazed at how strong these horses are.

20160828_pecos_rodeo_313-27 20160828_pecos_rodeo_314-28 20160828_pecos_rodeo_316-29 20160828_pecos_rodeo_317-30 20160828_pecos_rodeo_318-31 20160828_pecos_rodeo_319-32 20160828_pecos_rodeo_320-33 20160828_pecos_rodeo_365-34 20160828_pecos_rodeo_366-35 20160828_pecos_rodeo_376-36 20160828_pecos_rodeo_377-37 20160828_pecos_rodeo_390-38

This one was a nail-biter. I cropped this image to show the audience. I wonder what they were thinking.

20160828_pecos_rodeo_390-39 20160828_pecos_rodeo_392-40. . . or what she was thinking.


This is what the crew looked like before they opened the gate.


This bull was enormous!

20160828_pecos_rodeo_424-43 20160828_pecos_rodeo_425-44 20160828_pecos_rodeo_427-45 20160828_pecos_rodeo_429-46

As was this one and he really needed to get out of there once he went down.

20160828_pecos_rodeo_439-48 20160828_pecos_rodeo_442-49 20160828_pecos_rodeo_444-50

Last, this one was scary.

20160828_pecos_rodeo_447-51 20160828_pecos_rodeo_451-52 20160828_pecos_rodeo_452-53

Would I go again? Yes! for sure. And, if you want to come with me next time, let me know. It was a lot of fun.