Can’t seem to stay away from this annual event. The Madrid Christmas parade of sorts.

Two crazy guys announcing the cast of characters and it’s a total hoot. There were antique cars, chicks with chainsaws, a woman pushing her chicken in a stroller, a truck pulling a trailer with a water bed, bagpipes, a pup and a girl riding a yak pulled by Santa and his Mrs and you can see what else.

You Madriods are wonderful and I hope you never change.

An additional highlight was dinner with friends old and new at the Hollar, which never disappoints and stayed for the Christmas lights and an almost full moon.


There is a chicken in that stroller…

A cute little elf!


Chicks with chainsaws!

And then, the pretty lights.

  • Nancy Wall

    I love your photos! The “trailer with a waterbed” is The Genie Bottle; our ’61 VW bus. My husband, Mark & I are part of the original re-settlement of Madrid in 1975. We were only married two years when we moved there. Now married almost 45 years. Thank you for including us in your photos.ReplyCancel

  • I love my adopted town. Beautiful area – wonderful people.ReplyCancel

  • What a wonderful, fun parade! Wish I could have been there. I lived in Madrid for only a short time, during the summer and fall of ’75. On various road trips from Denver, I have driven through Madrid a couple of times since, but not in many years now. I’m so glad to see that the Christmas lighting displays, a tradition from the town’s historical heyday of the 1920s, has been beautifully revived! When I lived there, electricity was available only along Main Street. Could not help but notice that Madrid has become noticeably more affluent since the 70s, but the unique, eclectic spirit of the residents has not left. That spirit appears to have flourished!ReplyCancel