Got away this morning to one of my favorite places to watch the surf pound the shoreline, Gloucester, MA, on Atlantic Avenue. It’s quite a challenge to capture these crashing waves, but I always enjoy it…

Dear Lauren,

Today is such an emotional day. I am so shaken by the horrific event that took your life. I meet so many beautiful young adults and they all mean so much to me. I remember them, all of them. You were special. Your session was emotional and I wish you were here to laugh with me about it.

You were memorable.

You were remarkable.

You are unforgettable.

Rest in Peace, sweet girl.


  • A nice, touching photo tribute to someone taken way too young. Thanks for sharing.

    RIP Lauren.ReplyCancel

  • Thank you so much, Janet, for sharing these gorgeous pictures of Lauren. We’ve been glued to Brooklyn’s review of the trial on Patch and it’s nice to take a respite from the ugly to see such innate beauty.ReplyCancel

  • Janet, you captured Lauren’s sweet little Angel Face – thank you for posting this emotional tribute.ReplyCancel

  • Such a beautiful girl inside and out as I can see from the photos.
    So sorry for your loss.

  • admin

    If you are reading this post, feel free to comment and share it. Over 2000 people have seen this post, which is incredible. I’m humbled that so many people want to view this remarkable young woman. Rest in Peace, dear Lauren.
    ~ JanetReplyCancel

  • mary dunne

    Thank you Janet, for remembering Lauren with this post and your beautiful pictures. I appreciate it any time and any where I hear Lauren spoken of. It is what keeps me going and this has made my day.
    Mary (Lauren’s mom)ReplyCancel

The images in this gallery take you to the town of Ollantaytambo, the salt flats, the town of Machu Picchu, where I enjoyed the people and then back to Lima.


  • Mark

    Janet…these pictures are amazing!!!ReplyCancel

This gallery takes you to Cusco and then to Paucartambo and the festival of Carmen.


Please note: the galleries will remain in the Fine Art Galleries tab.

This gallery includes images from Cusco in the market and Pisac during the festival Virgen del Carmen. It is also held in Paurcartambo (near Cusco). Pisac is in the Urubamba Valley. ‘Mamacha Carmen’ as she is commonly known, defeats the demons who climb up on rooftops and balconies during her procession around the streets of Pisac and Paurcartambo.  Non stop masked dancing carried on for three days running. It’s a crazy time and a huge drinking binge, but it was also a lot of fun. Pisac was a much milder version of Paurcartambo, Gallery four.

| Lake Titikaka, Lampa, Tinajani Canyon, Cusco

I am working on a Peru book of fine art images. I’m getting close to needing an editor for this project. One company that I’m considering, has a page limit (I have more images than they allow) and if I did use them,  the size I would use is 12×12. There are only two sizes available for Art Books and they are 12 x 12 and 12 x 16. While I like the landscape orientation of the 12 x 16, it’s too large to handle. I don’t love 12 x 12  for horizontal images. I’m also considering Their books are simply incredible, the leathers, cases, paper selections are all gorgeous. As I edit through the images I believe the book will take its own form. I’m excited to see what happens.


Decided to take a ride to the North Shore today. I’m surrounded by trees where I live and am anxious to explore the coast of Massachusetts. I’ve spent plenty of time on the Cape (south shore) and the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The ‘other’ Cape offers a gorgeous coastline. These images were taken in Rocky Neck.

My Paris images.  If you have favorites, please let me know, send an email or call me. These were taken with the Fuji-XPro-1 and a few with the iphone 5.

  • Patti Travers

    Hi Janet
    Wonderful paris photos I can tell you really enjoyed your visit! Such a beautiful city & I love what you have chosen to share! Hope you & yours are enjoying the holidays

  • Sue Darvall

    What a great collection. A pleasure to browse. Best wishes from Aus. SueReplyCancel

  • Great photos Janet. You capture the essence of the city effortlesslyReplyCancel

I talk about Bridge Over Troubled Waters often and there’s a story behind my relationship with this place.

After my mom passed away I had a serendipity moment in Quincy, where I grew up, when a young woman who I babysat drove by with her children and we reconnected. One thing led to another during this chance meeting…. she was going to be in Wayland the next day to attend an Autumn event at Russell’s. She would be representing Bridge Over Troubled Waters, where she was responsible for Publicity and Fundraising.

Fast forward… I attended the event, we had dinner together afterwards and Karin began to describe the kids who needed Bridge and were ‘faceless’. People often walk away from or cross the street to avoid looking in to the faces of homeless or needy kids in Boston and she wanted people to ‘see’ them as she does…. It took me about two seconds to offer to help people ‘see’ these kids by doing their portraits.

I had been searching for an organization to volunteer  with and Bridge was a perfect fit for me. I enlisted professionals to help me out, not knowing exactly what we were going to do: Patti Schulze, a fine art photographer and friend from Dallas, TX flew up to shoot the first time, Robin Enright, from Wayland and now Boulder, CO, was enlisted to write as well as Nancy Bergstein from Sudbury, to help tell the stories of these kids. Cheryl Savit of Sudbury has written pieces for Bridge and now Wendy Price of Wayland is very involved and is an integral part of the team and working at Bridge.

For me? My visits at Bridge are what makes me whole. I am humbled by these kids. I hear their stories, they are 17, 18, 19 years old… and they wear their stories on their faces and try hard to smile and fit in to find their way in this world. They have been thrown huge curves in life yet they have found their way to a shower, clean clothes, a hearty meal and a warm hand and heart at Bridge. They will find counseling and medical care and a place to feel at home for a few hours. They can attend GED classes and find their passions, have dreams like other kids their age and feel as if they too can have a future.

It’s the least I can do, to show you their faces.  And, all from one ‘chance’ meeting on Alrick Road. Serendipity. Thank you Mom.

  • Sheryl

    Awesome shots Janet! You’ve really captured these kids. It’s so wonderful that you are doing this. I serve meals to the needy at a soup kitchen so I know just how rewarding this is for you!ReplyCancel

  • These kids are “all” of our kids and you have captured their individual beauty, each in their own way. They have so much to offer the world and your portraits are one more step to giving them that confidence. What a powerful gift.ReplyCancel

It’s wise to not discard images from a first edit. I took a look back at my images from New Orleans after learning about Vivian Maier, a Chicago nanny, who had taken thousands of images only to be discovered after she passed away. I am fascinated with her work and decided to go back and look at work I had done in New Orleans. This is a first set. Most of them have not been posted before, although if you search for New Orleans on the left panel of the website, you will find three previous posts. After my recent travel to Peru with Nevada Weir, I’ve been reminded to go back and look at images with a fresh eye.

I had a little bee problem and after Riley laid down on a nest and looked like she was having a seizure while being stung by one of the little buggers, it was time to remove them. Bill came today and when he showed up I almost forgot about the bees altogether. Look at his face! Is he the perfect bee keeper/remover? He was so sweet! He gave me a bottle of honey and one for Lisa. He kills them and keeps them. I guess that’s okay. What a face…



Before I write anything about Tucker, please accept my apologies if you’ve had a session with me and I haven’t blogged you yet. I have totally been swamped, just look at the number of client galleries are in the list today. This is all great for me and I thank you and appreciate your business and trust in me to create lasting memories of you for your families. You will all be blogged. I’m going backwards and out of order of session dates for the near future so keep looking for your post, email me if you are still waiting and let me know. Make sure you subscribe to this website and ‘like’ Janet Wolbarst Photography on Facebook.

Also! You will be reading about ‘off to college’ sessions in the late spring. I will be offering short 20-30 minute sessions for you or for you and a friend for $150. You will be able to buy a small memory book of you and your bestie and prints. I will have limited availability and will shoot 6 sessions per day but there will only be a few dates available.

Contact me for more information.


TUCKER!  What a nice kid! First of all, I loved the curls and this kid rocked this session. He was fun, very nice to me and was as relaxed as could be. He was awesome and fun to work with. I loved the hat and his expressions… the session was as authentic as I like them to be. Thank you, Tucker!

I have thousands of images to go through from my recent trip to Peru. In the midst of shooting seniors, (I’ll never get used to saying or writing that), I started to look at the images of the faces of the people of Peru and find myself mesmerized by how no matter what we look like, it’s all about the eyes for me. Although I was not able to engage everyone, I felt their presence. The colors amazed me. Why don’t we embrace the colors that they do?

  • Liz Moseley

    Hi Janet,

    Thanks for sharing your “Faces of Peru” photo’s. I agree the colors are wonderful!


The sweet seniors keep on coming to me and Grace is no exception. The weather has been great, in between storms and the kids have been so cooperative. Grace is adorable and a lot of fun to work with.

Reminder to all seniors and their parents. You have ONE week only to look at your images online. After that, the gallery will expire and you must have recorded your favorite image numbers and which gallery they are in. Please follow up promptly with a phone call, 508-358-6173 and schedule your ordering session with me. I am able to do appointments at 9:00, 4:30 or 6:30 on most days, Monday-Friday. Some weekends after school starts will be available and on rainy days on weekends in the fall.  (This note will appear on every post from now on. I will also be blogging additional seniors from the past few weeks.)  Thank you!

And, now, Grace….



It was sunny, it poured. We were outside, then inside. It didn’t matter, Maisie just rocked this shoot. We developed techniques together to perfect her already perfect smile. And then we got a few serious images that created such a well balanced session. It took lots of patience and flexibility. The weather didn’t seem perfect in in actuality, it was. Loving these images of Maisie!


Of course, her ‘Riley’ photo…

I love the light on this one. Reminds me of Connor’s.

And then it was time for ‘sisters’!

Eliza. Sweet Eliza. I’ve known her for almost 10 years. She’s blossomed into a stunning young woman of 23. Many times I saw her acting eloquently on the stage at WHS, and often with my son, Jonah. Those were such wonderful, memorable years. I’m often shooting portraits for her dad’s company and was delighted when he had a last minute assignment for me. A new headshot for his daughter.

Eliza is off to Argentina and will use her English and Spanish speaking skills to work in any field she chooses and quite possible in the wine industry. I love re-connecting with my ‘seniors’ after years have passed. Eliza was just glowing with confidence, sweetness, intelligence and a warmth I won’t forget.