This was a day of contrasts. We left Santa Fe after a hearty breakfast at Harry’s Roadside Diner near my home and I was lucky enough not to be the driver. It was great for me as I got to do a lot of drive by shooting but we made some stops too.

This first image shows the stark contrast from the dead and living trees at Valles Caldera National Preserve. Although it was February, in Santa Fe there was hardly any snow. But, as we drove through Los Alamos and winding roads, the snow had fallen, making the contrast between the dead trees from fire and the living ones that were green.

This is a color photograph, not black and white.

20160207_jemez_springs_010 20160207_jemez_springs_025 20160207_jemez_springs_028

It was interesting to capture the layers from foreground to background with nature doing it for me.

20160207_jemez_springs_045 20160207_jemez_springs_049

It wasn’t this cold in Santa Fe, but I was thrilled to capture these images of a snowy New Mexico.



20160207_jemez_springs_110 20160207_jemez_springs_117

Driving just past Jemez Springs, not more than 45 minutes away from the snow, the earth was dry and cracked as can be.

And, red!

20160207_jemez_springs_219 20160207_jemez_springs_221 20160207_jemez_springs_229

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    I saw your profile and it interests me.

    As you hinted, I found you here. I cannot send you a photo from your Web site that I can see.

    Please reply and I can send you a recent photo.


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