This post means I’m back in Santa Fe. It also means I’ve taken my cameras out of the safe and charged up my batteries.  It also means that I put the iphone in my bag and left it there. It felt good to hold that horse of a Nikon in my hands and shoot.

I’ve got so much to say but the words aren’t available. I will let it come in bits and pieces when I’m ready or not. It will be what it is for now.

I did the farolito walk the first year I arrived in Santa Fe. I had one of my images published in #newmexicomagazine from that walk. Last year I didn’t go and I don’t know why, perhaps I was lazy. I don’t intend on being lazy anymore. There is no time for laziness. This year I went with a very patient friend. I’m not always sure if I’ll stop and shoot when I’m not alone but this was very easy. And, I was pleased although a bit rusty. I’ll nip that in the bud right away and keep on shooting. I’ve got hefty goals now.

Happy New Year…. 2016, Let’s be a good year without any surprises. Just good things.


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