Monthly Archives: August 2010

I had three sessions yesterday and didn’t know if I would have the energy to shoot Alex and her two gorgeous goldens. Her mom and two dogs arrived and I was able to shoot a fun session with her and then the dogs.

Alex is going off to college so this is a not a senior portrait session but rather a FRESHMAN session! I love it!

Here is a beautiful note from Alex’s mom after viewing the photos. Nothing is better than this:

Janet – These photos are amazing!!!  You captured so many great moments, I love them!  First pass and I can already see a book here…..Alex still in bed and will show her as soon as she gets up, and I know she’ll love them, too!  I will also want a large canvas size of at least one of them.  Thank you so much – I am soooo happy that we kept yesterday’s appointment!  I so wanted to capture her before she went off to college and I’m glad I found you before she did.  We will try to get a list of selected images to you this week before she leaves on Thursday.  Thanks again, Janet, the day was so fun and I’m also glad that I brought the dogs – I’ve wanted a photo of Alex and her goldens together for so long, but could never get them to sit still long enough!  It all worked out so well!  Looking forward to our mentoring sessions 🙂   Thanks, Kathy

A few random images. Which reminds me that I have Italy to post as well, one of these days… It was Carnival time in Provincetown when I visited. I biked to gorgeous beaches, saw this cutie tree hugger and attended a wine tasting.

Another Chloe! And this adorable, sweetheart is an amazing soprano! She’s 11 and going places, next up is Broadway, for sure! She came to the studio with her mom for headshots and now I’ll be able to say that I knew her when she was just starting out.  A real giggler and oh so sweet.  Chloe S.

What a sweet girl!  She has the most amazing hair and lots of it. Adorable personality too!  Thank you for coming over for your shoot.

Graham and his sister came the other day for his shoot. Riley was true to form and was quite humorous and so was Graham. It was a great shoot and we experimented with poses…

shot this way:

and when flipped, it looks like this:

Simply stunning. Fun Shoot. Amazing light. Fabulous subject. Again!  Lucky me!  (These are not retouched. Just a few tweaks in Lightroom, but no photoshop at all. )

Do I have an awesome job, or what???  I consider myself to be so fortunate to be able to work with such delightful young adults during this time of year. I love shooting corporate portraits as well, but something about working with these young adults is very rewarding.  My sessions are long but very fruitful. To constantly get images like these is so fulfilling. Yes, I am fortunate to be able to live my life pursuing my passion.  It never feels like work.

So much fun today with McKenzie.  It was windy and warm and this shoot was so much fun. Thanks McKenzie!

And for you who know Riley, we didn’t know if she was still in the yard or in the house. When I called to her, she came running towards us from across the street. It was my fault, I had taken her electronic collar off. She could not have been happier until she realized that I was not happy and that she was a bad girl. Thanks to McKenzie, we cornered her and she came to me. I think it’s time to do additional training.

A few wonderful shots of Katie, an incredible dancer.  This is fun!

What a wonderful kid!  Loved working with Andy today, he made it so easy! Fabulous smile and a million dollar personality. And yes, I bought a TTones CD, and so should you! I can tell you how you can buy one….

(Also, I developed the image of Andy on the car using Lightroom and with this lighting and processing, I loved this so much, I now have an Andy G. preset and was able to use it numerous times throughout his images!  It’s warm and punchy. Love it! Thanks Andy!)