A snow event in Santa Fe is a big deal. When there’s been no significant moisture in over 125 days, a few inches of the white stuff is a beautiful thing.

Because I live(d), (notice a little denial there?), in Massachusetts for most of my life with four incredibly different weather seasons, winter in Santa Fe is an enigma to me. It’s cold at night and quite mild during the afternoons. The sun is warm and hiking in 35-40 degree weather is the BEST! It’s like hiking with air conditioning. I’m always amazed after hiking for an hour when I look at the outdoor temperature.

I’m feeling warm after a workout and it’s only 35 degrees. I will say, it’s one of the best things about being in Santa Fe, which is considered High Desert.

When it snows in Santa Fe, it’s glorious. It doesn’t melt, it evaporates. It disappears. It backs off. There is no mud, no puddles. It’s light and fluffy. There is no need to shovel.

It will be gone as quickly as it arrived overnight, in a couple of hours.









  • Beth Fujita

    These are really beautiful photos. The snow looks like fluffy cotton.ReplyCancel